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Мифы народов мира. Энциклопедия в двух томах. Том 1-2
Автор: Колектив
Миф и мифология - это загадочное наследие культуры человечества всегда привлекало внимание самой широкой аудитории читателей, ведь через них приходит понимание неразрывности связи времен и традиций культур разных народов, в них истоки многих сюжетов и детских сказок и первоосновы, необходимые для пр..
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Автор: Marina Cardinaud
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Автор: Mary Stewart
Seeking revenge against the uncle who had murdered his father, young Prince Alexander sets out for Camelot to seek justice, only to run afoul of the bewitching Morgan LeFay, and joins forces with Alice, a beautiful pilgrim.Търсейки отмъщение срещу чичото, който е убил баща му, младият принц Александ..
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Автор: Колектив
Подаръчна книга от посолството на САЩ, с оригиналната запечатана декорация.Повече от сто завладяващи фотографии, представящи работата на талантливи художници като Ансел Адамс, Гален Роуел, Джоел Майеровиц и Майкъл Мелфорд, улавят богатите природни чудеса на Америка, от Гранд Каньон, Маунт Рение и Би..
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Автор: Колектив
ContentsIntroductionI. The culture of the nomads from V to VII c.1. Kizal-Adar, Orenburg region2. Verkhne-Yablochen Chiflik, Volgograd Region3. Lake Borovoye, Kazakhstan4. Morskoy Chulek, Rostov region5. Michaelsfeld, near Anapa, former Cuban regionII. Slavic monuments from the Bug and Dnieper valle..
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Автор: Iain Zaczek, Charles Phillips
A fascinating history and visual directory of tartans, lavishly illustrated with over 700 images...
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Soldier: A Visual History of the Fighting Man
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Автор: R.G. Grant
Stand to attention with the inside story on the life of a soldier, from the Saracens to the SAS. From the Samurai of Japan to US rifleman, experience life on the frontline through personal accounts of the training, living conditions and engagements from 2,500 years of military history. This title he..
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Автор: Laurence Rees
This book offers interviews with witnesses who knew Stalin and Hitler, together with documents from Russian archives. It explores in detail the reasons why Hitler invaded Russia, why it was a mistake to believe Hitler was a reasonable conqueror, and, ultimately, was Stalin another Hitler?..
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Автор: Williamson Murray, Allan R. Millett
In the course of the twentieth century, no war looms as profoundly transformative or as destructive as World War II. Its global scope and human toll reveal the true face of modern, industrialized warfare. Now, for the first time, we have a comprehensive, single-volume account of how and why this glo..
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Автор: Колектив
The Philosophy Book answers the most profound questions we all have. It is your visual guide to the fundamental nature of existence, society, and how we think.Discover what it means to be free, whether science can predict the future, or how language shapes our thoughts. Learn about the world's great..
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Автор: Dino Esposito
Dino Esposito is a digital strategist at BaxEnergy who has authored more than 20 books and 1,000 articles to date. His programming career has so far spanned 25 years. It is commonly recognized that his books and articles helped the professional growth of thousands of .NET developers and architects w..
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Автор: Nikolai Ovcharov
The ancient Greek colony of Mesembria ( present - day Nesebar ) was one of the oldest cities alond the Bulgarian Black Sea coastin the remote antiquity. For millennia its large and hospitable harbour was one of the important stops in the itineraries of ships sailing in that region. Two hundred and t..
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Bulgarian Mythology
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Автор: Ivanichka Georgieva
The monograph "Bulgarian Mythology" examines the system of mythological images and ideas as an integral part of Bulgarian folk culture, worldview, psyche and identity. It is written on the basis of rich source material from the entire Bulgarian ethnic territory...
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Автор: Alex Hook
Provides a sensible, coherent overview of the greatest story of the 20th century. It analyzes the Nazis rise to power, looking at the politics of post World War I Germany and examining the machinations of Hitler and the party as it struggled to become the strongest in a sea of sharks.... Profusely i..
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Автор: Колектив
Bulgaria is a land of crafts and traditions. Art is a part of everyday Bulgarian life, present in paintings and icons on walls, wood carved doors and spoons and decorated ceramic pots for cooking traditional dishes. This book shows you a different Bulgaria..
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Автор: Гриша Атанасов
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Автор: Тошо Пейков
Настоящият албум приближава читателя до интимната красота на храма "Св. Александър Невски" чрез майсторски и грижливо избраните детайли, фотографирани от господин Тошо Пейков. Албумът ще ви увери, че въпреки своята импозантност, тържественост и бляскава красота, тази църква е по православному напоен..
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Автор: Charles Phillips
A magnificent account of medieval knights, their origins as mounted warriors, their status, military exploits, and fiercely fought tournaments. Covers every aspect of the role of the knight in medieval Europe, including his position of the feudal hierarchy and the privileges, rewards and responsibil..
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България: Природа, човек, цивилизации / Bulgaria: Nature, people, civilizations
Няма наличност
Автор: Румяна Николова, Николай Генов / Rumyana Nikolova, Nikolai Genov
Двуезично издание на български и английски.Загадъчно море, величествени планини, кристални езера, древни крепости и уникални съкровища.Следи от първите хора, бродили из европейския континент, от първото обработвано злато в света, от тайнствени ритуали и мистични традиции. Скални феномени, минерални ..
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Българи. Италианци. Ватикана / Bulgari. Italiani. Vaticano
Няма наличност
Автор: Колектив
"Българи, италианци, Ватикана | Bulgari, Italiani, Vaticano" е луксозна книга-албум, посветена на многовековните отношения между българи и италианци, между Българската православна църква и Светия престол...
35.00 лв Без данък:35.00 лв
Автор: John Peacock
Here, in more than one thousand full-colour illustrations, is the history of Western costume, from ancient Egypt to Paris fashion. John Peacock's meticulous drawings are organized in chronological sections and accompanied by detailed descriptions of each figure, including the individual items of cos..
70.00 лв Без данък:70.00 лв
An illustrated encyclopedia of the uniforms of the roman world: A Detailed Study of the Armies of Rome and Their Enemies, Including the Etruscans, Gauls, Huns, Sassaids, Persians and Turks
Няма наличност
Автор: Kevin Kiley
An unprecedented visual reference of the fighting men of the period from 8th century BC to the fall of Constantinople in 1453, with over 670 expert images of military dress, weaponry, artillery, ships, siege engines and fortifications...
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